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26 October 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 on Sun X4540 ("Thumper")

I installed Ubuntu 11.10 Server x64 edition using the Java ILOM client - you must use a 32bit Java client to connect a CD image. I set up a MD RAID1 across the bootable devices of controllers 0 and 1 (first disks on 0 and 1).

Post-install I encountered a blank, black screen on the GRUB 2 stage (i.e. after the kernel selection screen). To fix this edit the boot parameters on the kernel selection screen:

set gfxpayload=text ... linux [...] rootdelay=90
To make these changes permanent after booting:

sudo vi /etc/default/grub GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="rootdelay=90" GRUB_GFXMODE=text sudo update-grub

(reboot to check everything worked correctly)

Installing native ZFS and setting up a ZFS pool

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zfs-native/stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-zfs

I created a small Perl script to set up a zpool over the remaining 46 disks. The scheme I use is 4 hot spares (the first disk of the other 4 controllers) with 7 raidz RAIDs over 1 disk per controller.


Warning! This will destroy any data you have on the disks in your system. Only use this if you *really* know what you're doing.

sudo perl [] --create

The source code for the script:

#!/usr/bin/perl use Getopt::Long; use strict; use warnings; my $usage = "$0 [--dry-run --create --destroy --dump]"; GetOptions( 'dry-run' => \(my $dry_run), 'create' => \(my $opt_create), 'destroy' => \(my $opt_destroy), 'dump' => \(my $opt_dump), 'help' => \(my $opt_help), ) or die "$usage\n"; die "$usage\n" if $opt_help; my @DISKS; open(my $fh, "<", "/var/log/dmesg") or die "Error opening dmesg: $!"; while(<$fh>) { next if $_ !~ /Attached SCSI disk/; s/^\[[^\]]+\]\s*//; die if $_ !~ /sd\s+(\d+):0:(\d+):0:\s+\[(\w+)\]/; my( $c, $t, $dev ) = ($1, $2, $3); $DISKS[$c][$t] = "/dev/$dev"; } shift @DISKS while !defined $DISKS[0]; if( $opt_dump ) { foreach my $i (0..$#DISKS) { print "Controller $i:\n"; foreach my $j (0..$#{$DISKS[0]}) { next if !defined $DISKS[$i][$j]; print "\t$j\t$DISKS[$i][$j]\n"; } } } # system disks $DISKS[0][0] = undef; $DISKS[1][0] = undef; my @spares; for(@DISKS[2..$#DISKS]) { push @spares, $_->[0] or die "Missing disk at $_:0\n"; } my @pools; foreach my $i (1..$#{$DISKS[0]}) { foreach my $j (0..$#DISKS) { $pools[$i - 1][$j] = $DISKS[$j][$i] or die "Missing disk at $j:$i\n"; } } for(@pools) { $_ = "raidz @$_"; } if( $opt_destroy ) { cmd("zpool destroy zdata"); } if( $opt_create ) { cmd("zpool create -f zdata @pools spare @spares"); } sub cmd { my( $cmd ) = @_; print "$cmd\n"; system($cmd) if !$dry_run; }


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